What We're Reading: Week 38 2015

September 17, 2015 Emma Cullen

A round-up of 5 articles that give a clear picture of how the world of online advertising looks this week. Continue reading to learn more about the latest in banners, programmatic, HTML5 display adverting and more!

1.  Ads Based On Your Browsing History Hit Firefox's New Tab Page

Firefox has come up with a new way to display ads, on their new tab page. This could give advertisers a great chance to display rich media and other interactive ads to their audience. We can speculate that such advertising could bring high viewability, and click-through rates as it's a new form of advertising that hasn't been tested before. As long as long as the ads stay relevant to users, Mozilla could be onto a winner here.

2. Instagram embraces Apple's 3D touch display fresh advertising push

Instagram has announced that it will be embracing Apple's 3D Touch display. It will be interesting to see how Instagram and other advertisers take advantage of new features from Apple (and other technology), so  watch this space.

3. Mobile To Claim 70% Of The Programmatic Display Market

The rise of programmatic advertising has been on the cards for a while now, and it's interesting to see that mobile is taking a larger portion of the pie. Perhaps programmatic is really taking off for mobile advertising because mobile is a newer format of advertising and not constrained by old thinking as desktop still is, to some extent.

4. 2016 to be the year global mobile advertising overtakes newspapers

2016 will be the year that mobile advertising becomes the norm. This is not surprising as more and more of us opt to read the news on mobile devices.

5. The Washington Post is Blocking Readers with Ad Blockers

This is an interesting move in the battle against ad blockers. It will be interesting to see how users actually react to it. Although The Washington Post isn't the first to use this tactic, this has received the most press. Will other publishers follow suit to allow users to continue using their websites for free?


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