New Feature: BannerFlow Marketplace & Widgets

November 3, 2015 Emma Cullen

BannerFlow Marketplace overview widgets

Overview of BannerFlow Marketplace

Team BannerFlow are pleased to announce the launch of BannerFlow Marketplace to all BannerFlow accounts and release of more widgets to BannerFlow Marketplace!

This update means that all BannerFlow customers now have access to the BannerFlow Marketplace and can add or purchase BannerFlow Marketplace widgets to their BannerFlow account. 

BannerFlow Marketplace

BannerFlow Marketplace is where all your BannerFlow widgets are located. You can access BannerFlow Marketplace from inside the HTML5 Banner Builder. Purchase, manage and add more widgets from BannerFlow Marketplace to enhance your BannerFlow experience.

BannerFlow Widgets

BannerFlow Widgets are drag and drop elements that you can add to banners ads in order to make them more engaging and interactive for users. Widgets include everything from advanced effects and animations to opt-in forms and in-banner search bars. The widgets are ready-to-use straight away, enabling you to create advanced banners in minutes! 

A variety of both free-to-use and paid widgets (pricing varies depending on your BannerFlow subscription plan) are available in BannerFlow Marketplace.

Questions or queries?

If you have any questions or would like some more information about BannerFlow Marketplace please feel free to contact BannerFlow support at

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