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August 29, 2014 Emma Cullen

Gannett and their Gravity giant banner ads have been discussed a lot this week as USA Today launched their giant ad spot. You might have already seen the giant banner ads that appear at the top of the site’s homepage. Gannett is the company behind the campaign and they have created ‘Gravity’ ads so that large banners that take over a person’s computer screen with a media rich banner ad containing high-quality video can be made.

By using media rich content this website turns into a cinema by showing high-quality video and graphics

USA Today are not the only company who are testing this placement for giant banner ads, including Netflix and The History Channel. Further, Gannett is only one of several companies who are starting to use these giant banner ads. For example, the ad network Undertone has been selling ScreenShift ads that also work on a similar principle.

Finished giant banner ad using BannerFlow

This new presence of giant ads may reflect an up-and-coming trend in the world of banner advertising and it might be worth getting to grips with large banner ads. With BannerFlow you are able to create larger banners that will have huge impact by using text, images and animations, today, during your lunch hour.

Try out BannerFlow today with our free trial:

 Build a Giant Banner


After you have gotten to grips with basics of creating a banner ad on BannerFlow you can begin to build your ad.

1. Banner Size

In BannerFlow size isn’t an issue. When you arrive onto the banner builder you will be presented with a variety of pre-set banner sizes.  There is also an option to add a custom sizes of your choosing. By clicking the Add new button as shown below, you are able to add a new banner size. In order to make giant banner the size 1300×600 was used.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 16.09.31

2. Images and Text with Animations

Now you are able to build your banner using text and images in conjunction with animation to create an exciting banner. You can do this by taking a font or an image from the right-hand panel and placing it on your desired spot on your banner. There are some preset fonts, but you can upload your own fonts and images to the banner builder. Click for a more detailed guide on creating a banner. It is also easy to add animations to these elements. You can add animations in the timeline that you’ll find at the bottom of your screen. Click for a walkthrough on how to use the timeline feature. Below you can see a screenshot of the banner builder with the panels on the left and right-hand sides.

3. Add Buttons

By adding a button you can encourage people to click on your banner and enter your site via a landing page. With BannerFlow this is as easy as dragging and dropping one of the preset buttons and adding your own text, or uploading your own button into the styles panel.

4. Translate Into Different Languages

If you want to present your banner in a variety of different languages, you easily can with BannerFlow. All text elements can be translated. Upon adding a text element to your banner you will see a translation panel appear on the right-hand side of your screen. In this panel you can translate your text elements in real time. Click for a more in-depth guide to adding translations to your banner.

5. Add Different Sizes

Although you’re making an giant banner, you may not want to limit yourself to one size of banner. With BannerFlow adding new sizes of your banner is easy. By using your original banner as a base you can simply click the add new banner size button and choose your now size. Click to learn more  about how to add a new banner size.


Result after 20 minutes:

Now you have created a Gannett Gravity-style giant banner ad in a variety of languages (and sizes) that is ready to go! I created mine in under and hour with no design team, and no, I’m not a tech genius either; I’m a marketing intern. This shows that anyone can use BannerFlow to create banner ads quickly and easily. Further, you don’t need to have a giant budget to make giant banner ads as our pricing plans start from $29,99 per month.

Below you can see the example of the giant HTML5 banner ad that I created using BannerFlow. Click to see the giant banner ad in its full-size!


Build a Giant Banner
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