Love is in the BannerFlow air

February 4, 2016


The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner and we want to help you add that warm, fuzzy feeling to your banner campaigns to make them even more lovable (and clickable). As we mentioned last Valentine's Day, this is a holiday where it's important to stand out and make your customers fall in love with you.

In order to achieve this make sure you see our Valentine's Day examples below for inspiration. If you find something you like or come up with a new creative idea but don't know how to do it, send an email to and we'll be more than happy to show you!


1. Romantic cube

This swiping banner is created in BannerFlow using one of our Advanced formats: "Cube". This rich media banner is as easy to create as a regular BannerFlow banner and consists of 4 different banners. Here is two of them:


This  banner has been created with several different animations to make the banner come alive by using different transitions in the Banner Builder timeline.


To make this banner more lovable, we added our custom made Confetti widget to our BannerFlow Marketplace. With the BannerFlow Marketplace, you can add anything from Video, Scratch, Countdown and many more widgets to your banners. 

2. We love you - banner

A  fast moving video banner with several views and animations to catch the viewer's attention. Use the video widget in BannerFlow Marketplace and create a video banner easily. This banner is recommended on desktop.


3. Happy Valentine's from BannerFlow - banner

Share a Happy Valentine's day greeting with your customers to make sure that they keep you close at heart.

Did you find some of these banners inspiring or did you come up with a new idea for your campaign? Don't hesitate to send an email to and we'll be more than happy help you with your campaign.

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