How to run Content Retargeting Display Ad Campaigns

February 12, 2015 Emma Cullen

Target your ideal customers with content retargeting display advertising campaigns 

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Many marketing and advertising companies use content retargeting display advertising campaigns to support their inbound marketing campaigns. Marketing professionals are also understanding how powerful content retargeting campaigns can be. These sorts of retargeted display advertising campaigns are known as content retargeting and can be used as part of your display advertising strategy in conjunction with content marketing.

What is Content Retargeting?

Content retargeting uses retargeted display advertising campaigns which identify visitors who have been on your website, and displays adverts to these visitors as they visit different websites. In the case of content retargeting, the display advertisements shown are ones to promote content such as a downloadable eBook or a webinar.

Benefits of Content Retargeting

Content Retargeting display advertising campaigns are effective, as it is possible to target those who have been on your website already and have expressed an interest in your product or solution. By showing advertisements which provide an offer that your ideal buyer would be interested in, you can bring visitors back to your website and convert them into leads and sales.

Content retargeting is beneficial to marketers, as you can target visitors based on their behaviour and position in the buyer’s journey. By using display advertising retargeting platforms you can trigger certain ads to be shown when visitors have conducted certain behaviours predetermined by you. For example, if a visitor has visited three different pages on your site that focus on lead generation, you might want to trigger that display ads that promote the downloading your latest eBook about lead generation in return for the user's email address.

Through creating relevant targeted display ad campaigns by content retargeting, you can create more marketing qualified leads, as visitors will return to your website if your offer them the right material. Further, statistics show that retargeting campaigns in general are incredibly effective.

Another benefit of running content retargeting campaigns is that you will increase brand awareness and recall, as those viewing your targeted display ads at regular intervals will start to recognise your brand. This means they are likely to search for you directly when they are ready to start looking for a product or solution that fixes their problem.

Run a Content Retargeting Campaign

Creating high-quality content and display advertisements is key

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There are some required elements needed in order to run content retargeting campaigns:

  • At least one piece of content that you want to market;
  • Creatives (preferably hosted HTML5 banners) to use in your campaign with relevant graphics and call to action;
  • An account on a retargeting platform, like AdRoll; 
  • A plan of how you’re going to target your ideal buyers

Once you have the content that you want to promote, you should build the creatives for your retargeted display advertising campaign, which you can do quickly and easily with BannerFlow. Once you have uploaded your creatives into a retargeting platform such as AdForm, and you've set up your campaign to target your ideal buyers, you can launch your content retargeting campaign and start to record the results for optimisation later on.

Final Thoughts: Be Relevant

Whilst the technology that is available to create targeted display advertising campaigns is incredible, and can help you to produce very productive content retargeting campaigns, it is essential that you build the right display advertisements in your campaigns.

To be able to successfully target your ideal customers, you need to make sure that you know who they are first. The best way to do this is the build buyer personas, and then map out your buyers journey so that you can retarget the right content to each visitor. Then you're well on your way to building a successful retargeting campaign.

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