Release-plan for Html5 editor (updated)

February 10, 2014 daniel.jacobsson

BannerFlow HTML5 editor - Banner Builder Preview

The HTML5 banner editor has been released and running as a Beta version for a few months now. We have been able to gather a lot of valuable and much appreciated feedback. With that input in mind we have compiled a road-map for the upcoming months that can be found later in this post. Our goal is to be able to get rid of the Beta label end of April.

In the end of February we are releasing a major update addressing the editor’s and showcases’ load-time. With this update we also get a stable platform on which we can smoothly roll out additional features and continuous improvements to the Html5 editor.


Category Priority Description Release
Performance High (Done) Major improvements to speed and stability Feb 24
Animations High Support for more complex/advanced animations and transitions Mar 14
Texts High Support for forced line-breaks, enabling support for non-breaking space Feb 28
Assets High Preloading assets before play-backing banners Feb 28
Texts High (Done) Resolve issue with lengthy words being cropped instead of down-sized Feb 28
Assets High (Done) Resolve issue related to asset removal Feb 28
Assets Medium Show progress loader animation while loading assets in editor Mar 31
Editor Medium Status bar showing notifications and messages without leaving main interface Mar 31
Texts Medium (Done) Apply text resize functions on key down in editor – real-time preview Mar 31
Texts, fonts Medium (Done) Enable support for Google Fonts Mar 31
Fallback images Medium Enable JPG and PNG support for fall-back images Mar 31
Editor Medium Enable multi-select support of objects on canvas for re-positioning actions etc. Mar 31
Assets Medium Enable un-sharing of global assets that are not in use in any projects Mar 31
Texts Medium Support to set vertical alignment to texts Mar 31
Animations Medium (Done) Use fade effect as default animation to all elements Mar 31
Editor, Assets Medium (Done) Automatic down-scaling of high resolution assets when dragged onto the stage Mar 31
Texts Medium (Done) Improve text selection in text-fields Mar 31
Assets Medium Being able to organize assets with own, custom folders and drag-n-drop behaviour Apr 15
Feeds, assets Medium Support for loading dynamic images provided by URLs from feeds Mar 31
Formats Medium Resolve issue with banner format list having inverted scroll in some browsers Mar 31
Assets Medium Improve error handling when uploading unsupported files Mar 31
Project Medium (Done) Update project’s modify date when saving Html5 banner Mar 31
Editor, Error Medium (Done) Improve error handling in general throughout editor Mar 31
Time-line Low (Done) Remove Stop and Rewind buttons Mar 31
Fonts Low (Done) Support for managing fonts from within interface Apr 31
Styles Low Support for tinting PNGs and SVG assets Apr 31
Editor Low (Done) Make style panel expanded per default Apr 31
Styles Low Be able to set up custom colour swatches Apr 31
Gradients Low Support for advanced gradients (direction, scale etc.) Apr 31
Assets Low Disabling cropping to asset thumbnails to improve overview Apr 31
Assets Low Build an extended library where pre-defined advanced assets (e.g. YouTube playback etc.) can be inserted from May 31
Time-line Low Implement auto-tidying of time-line layers Apr 31
Back-end, fonts Low (Done) Make fonts be based on families rather than single font style references May 31
Fonts Low Support for HTML styling of texts (bold, italic etc.) Apr 31
Style, Gradients Low (Done) Invert direction of gradients’ direction setting Apr 31
Style, Rotation Low Resolve presentation bug related to object’s outline box upon rotation Apr 31
Assets Low Support for custom HTML code assets May 31
Assets Low (Done) Automatic file-size optimization of image assets, allowing for high-resolution images without scarifying speed Jun 31
Project Low (Done) Enabling banner thumbnails for projects based on Html5 banners May 31
Translations Low (Done) Real-time preview of Html5 banners while writing translations May 31
Texts, Translations Low (Done) Improved garbage collection of un-used texts May 31
Assets Low Being able to modify assets’ styles May 31

Thanks for your patience! Please don’t hesitate letting us know any questions or feedback you might have; .

/ Team BannerFlow

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