New product features and improvements week 21

May 26, 2014 Sofia André

Banner Builder 2

Last week we launched some new product features and updates that will improve your experience when using BannerFlow’s Banner Builder. Take some time and discover all new improvements, including share features and feeds! Do not hesistate to give us any feedback – it is helpful in our work to make the product even better! You can also use our Live Chat for feedback or questions, which was one of our new features of week 20.


Share your banners


Do you sometimes feel a little extra pleased and proud of what you created? Or are you in need of being able to show your banners in a simple way? Share it! Each banner now has its own showcase with a public link, which makes it easy for you to share it to your team, brand managar, CEO and publishers. This way you can show your creations, facilitate your communication to others and receive feedback from important stakeholders.


Deeplinked target URLs for Enterprise

Our Banner Builder for enterprise customers now enables you to automatically apply deeplinked target URLs to your banners when working with dynamic content / feeded ads. That will make it possible for you to embed URLs for different parts of your banner ad, depending on where your customer is clicking. The best part is that this is done automatically and does not require any extra work! This is an important and very useful feature – It will streamline your banner ad campaigns! Ask your account manager for more details.


Automatic refill of Impressions

Automatic refill

You no longer need to be afraid that your banners suddenly turn white when your amount of impressions went low. The feature enables you to preset an automatic refill of impressions, and you will no longer have to check this manually. Preset when and how many impressions you want to refill, and activate to achieve more automatic and effective work.



Improved Workflow

Our Banner Builder Editor got a little remake! The editor will now be open in the same window as the BannerFlow application itself. This will simplify and streamline your entire workflow from the very first beginning, until the end of your banner ad campaign building. The Banner Builder also got a more user-friendly apperance for our customers.

Banner Builder 2

Enjoy the new features and stay tuned for more improvements to come!

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