New Features: Social Sharing, Ad Creator Improvements and Notification Settings

April 21, 2015 Emma Cullen

BannerFlow has added a range of new features that have now been added to your account. New features include: improvements and new additions to the HTML5 ad creator, social sharing buttons and more options for how to receive emails and receipts from BannerFlow whilst running your campaigns.

Share Your Display Ads on Social Networks

You can now share the display ads that you have built in BannerFlow with friends and colleagues via BannerFlow’s new social sharing buttons. Share your public banner showcase on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and let the world see your latest designs!

Sharing your display ads via your favourite social network is easy. Once you’re ready to share just click the “Share all Banners” button that you’ll find in the top right hand corner of your screen. In the pop-over that appears, simply select the social media icon of your choice and you’re ready to share your banner showcase!

Alternatively, you can share your display with your social network directly from the live showcase page and collect feedback and ideas. The social sharing icons are located in the top right-hand corner. Share your display ads on social media networks directly by simply selecting the social media network of your choice!


Ad Creator Improvements

In the BannerFlow HTML5 ad creator you will find new features and improvements that will help you to build campaigns faster, with even better results.

Copy and Paste Position and Style

Decide how you want to copy and paste your assets in BannerFlow with the addition of the new advanced copying and pasting feature.

By right-clicking on any asset on the scene you can now select new copy and paste features under “Copy Special” and “Paste Special”. These additional features will make your design process even faster as you can copy and paste an asset’s style on to the scene.

HTML5 and Fallback Image Visibility

This new feature allows you to choose where that asset should be visible, in the HTML5 display ads, the fallback image ad or in both. Meaning that you can create variations between HTML5 display ads and fallback images without having to build a new banner. You’ll find this new feature under “Visibility” in the styles panel.

Turn on/off Mouse Interactions

Within an asset’s settings in the ad creator we have added possibility to turn off and on mouse interactions with an asset. You can easily use this feature by selecting “Mouse interaction” in the styles panel and choosing the setting you wish to use.

Add Names to Ad Versions

Add names to the different versions and translations of display ads in a bannerset for easy reference. Give each version or translation the name you want so that it becomes easier for you, your team and clients to identify each different version of a banner.

Campaign Notifications Settings

Have more control over your communications with use whilst running your BannerFlow campaigns. We have added a new option making it possible for you to opt-in to emails that will be sent to you each time you make a CPM payment. These emails contain a PDF receipt which you can keep for your own references. You can opt-in to these emails in your account settings under the “budget tab” where you will find a “Notification Settings” box as shown below. This new feature is available in the Small, Medium and Large BannerFlow subscription plans.

Want to see these new features in action? Join one of our live demo webinars for the best overview of BannerFlow. Register today!

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