New Features: Ad Display Builder Updates and Improved Font Formatting

February 24, 2015 Emma Cullen

As well as the brand new automated translation feature in BannerFlow, we have added even more new features to the small medium advertisers platform and brand new agency ad production platform this month!

Text and Text Styles Editing

You now have even more control over text assets when editing them both in the the HTML5 banner editor and in the BannerFlow translations panel.

You can now edit text and styles in the box that appears when you click on your chosen asset. This allows you to easily manage large amounts of different text assets for quick and easy updates.

In the translations panel you can also edit the text styles directly so that you can easily make changes to text assets without having to enter the banner builder, allowing you to create language specific style variations as you translate your banners

Rotation and Resizing Multiple Objects

Another new feature added to the HTML5 banner builder is the ability to resize and rotate multiple objects at the same time, allowing you to create complex designs quickly and easily within the HTML5 banner builder.

Improved Fallback Images & Non-Roman Character support

The team at BannerFlow has also been working to improve the HTML5 banner fallback images. Fallback images are now created faster and you’ll also notice an improvement in the fallback images when using non-Roman characters or certain fonts.

New Ad Network Integrations

We have recently added 6 new advertising network integrations, including AdRoll. Your BannerFlow HTML5 banner tags will now work in these new networks meaning that your display ads have an even wider reach!

1. AdRoll - AdRoll is the most widely used retargeting platform in the world. More brands trust AdRoll to retarget site visitors with ads across Facebook, Twitter, mobile, and the web. Take a look at our AdRoll integration guide and integration review to see how easy it is to run a BannerFlow display advertising retargeting campaign through AdRoll!

2. Adtoma

3. Daisycon

4. Platform161

5. Rocket Fuel

6. Adapt ADX


New Useful Resources

Don’t forget to check out our Display Advertising Hub and other resources that will help you master display advertising campaigns and drive the results you need!


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