New Feature: Even More Network Integrations

September 10, 2014 Emma Cullen

7 new integrations to advertising, content and affiliate networks

BannerFlow integrates with 42 the advertising, affiliate and content networks, so you can easily sync your data, import content from other sources, and get reports on how your ads are impacting your business. By choosing a network under “Share” we will automatically adjust the embed codes which you can send to your publisher.

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Now we have added 7 more integrations for you.

affilinet is one of Europe’s leading performance marketing
networks, providing publishers, advertisers and agencies with
sophisticated and performance-driven solutions.
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ReachLocal offers a comprehensive suite of online marketing
solutions, including search engine marketing, Web presence,
display advertising, online marketing analytics, and assisted
chat service, each targeted to the SMB market.
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PointRoll provides advertising innovations across the many
screens of video, mobile, desktop and social while offering
a unique creative perspective.
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TradeTracker UK is part of TradeTracker International, the
market leading affiliate networking company in many European
territories. They are active in the no-win no-pay marketplace and
offer their clients unrivaled opportunities to participate in this
booming industry.
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DIME DSP is a platform for those with the need a “Buyer side
Platform”. For DIME the control, efficiency, the basis for analysis,
infinite possibilities to control and direct the online advertising
and to manage both requested placements / direct purchases of
media through ad exchanges in Real Time.
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DataXu was founded by MIT aeronautics and astronautics
scientists who wrote the combinatorial language that guided
NASA’s Mars mission plans.
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MediaMath introduced the first demand-side platform (DSP),
changing the way digital media is purchased, and creating a
new, more efficient way for advertisers to reach consumers,
individually, at scale.
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