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December 2, 2016 Emma Cullen

We are excited to announce that we have now launched the new Design Store. At BannerFlow we have heard from our customers that it is often difficult and time-consuming to find the right content for your display ads, and we listened. This is why we created the Design Store, to help BannerFlow users to build visually stunning display ads with ease.

What is the Design Store?

The Design Store is home to images and widgets that can be used in the design of your BannerFlow banners.  In the Design Store, you can search over 100 million images and 80 widgets that are ready to use just by dragging and dropping them onto the canvas . You have access to a variety of free and premium images and widgets.

Where can I find it?

You can access the Design Store from inside the Banner Builder on the right-hand side panel.

How to Purchase in the Design Store

There is a wide range of images and widget available for purchase in the Design Store. The price is clearly marked on each asset. There is also a range of free to use images and widgets marked “FREE”.

All assets (images and widgets) are purchased once and are then made available for the whole account. Per default only admin users have permission to make purchases. Admin users can give all other user roles purchase access to the Store. As an admin, you can also opt in for email notifications for every time a Store purchase is made.

With the Store, we launch a second currency called Credits. Credits can be used to purchase images and widgets. Every account will receive 1,000 free credits to try in the Store. Please note that trial accounts cannot use their free credits for images found in the Design store.

This currency is only granted through promotional campaigns or by a BannerFlow employee, and can be used for any premium asset found in the Design Store. Once a purchase has been made using Credits, the given amount will be deducted from your Credit wallet.

More information and support

For more information about how BannerFlow can help you to remove bottlenecks and manage your display advertising please contact us.

For more technical support, please feel free to contact our support team.

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