New Feature: Brand-New Media Library

March 18, 2015 Emma Cullen

BannerFlow are proud to present the all-new media library. The new and improved feature is your online hub for all images, widgets and other media elements that you need to build HTML5 display advertising campaigns. We’ve developed functions to make uploading, searching and using media in BannerFlow faster and easier! Check out the new features below and start building better display advertising campaigns today!

New Media Library Bar

You’ll find the media library as a pull-out bar on the right-hand side of the scene. Here your complete library of images, widgets and other media elements are located. Simply click the arrow to pull out the menu, and click again to hide it when you just want to focus on your design.

Drag and Drop Directly onto the Scene

Upload everything you need to build your creatives in seconds with the new drag to canvas feature. Simply drag your media elements onto the scene to upload instantly, and start building your next HTML5 display advertising campaign. This feature is great for adding your brand elements for quick use in all your future display advertising campaigns.

Media Library Tabs

The media library has everything you need to quickly upload and change setting on your all your media elements. You will find all images and logos that you have uploaded under the top tab in the media library as demonstrated below.

Find all your saved fonts, buttons and gradients under individual tabs in the BannerFlow media library. Maintain brand standards by creating and saving custom fonts, buttons and gradients that fit your brand and save them ready for your future projects.

Quickly save new media elements on the scene my simply right-clicking the media element, and selecting Library> Save as new image, as shown before.


Your fonts tab holds all your saved fonts, ready for you drag onto the scene and start building your campaigns.


Your saved buttons are found under the buttons tab in the media library. Simply drag and drop onto the scene, creating a new call-to-action in seconds.


The gradients tab holds all your saved gradients as well as some pre-sets. Instantly add an extra design element to your display ad by applying a gradient using the drag-and-drop feature.


In the premium price plan, build powerful ads that display features such as dynamic content and video in seconds by simply dragging and dropping a widget onto the scene.

Make your saved widgets quickly identifiable by adding image icons to your widgets so that you can easily identify them as your library grows.

Media Elements Settings and Tags

Add tags and different setting to all of your media elements as detailed below:

Replace Image

Need to replace a media element? You can now change media elements on your banner quickly by using the replace function. This time-saving feature will update the replaced image in all banners in your campaign.


Find your media elements quickly and easily with the new tagging feature allows you to Add tags to your media library elements so that you can find them when you need them for quick campaign building.

Media Availability

In the media element settings, under “Available” choose to share the element everywhere if you want to use the element in all your campaigns, or choose to only have it available in the campaign that it was uploaded into.

Localized Images

Make a  big impact with local campaigns by adding image localization to media elements if you are advertising in different countries and language. You’ll find this option under “Localized images”, simply select the country that you want to localize the image for from the drop-down box and upload the image you want to be shown for that country variation.

Want to try out these new features? Start your 14 day free trial today, or Contact Us to learn more about how BannerFlow can automate your HTML5 ad production.

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