Landing page builder improvements on the way

June 27, 2013 daniel.jacobsson

Landing Page Builder

We’re happy to inform that fundamental usability improvements are in progress for the landing page builder. Here’s a brief overview of what’s to come:

  • Landing page templates will be discarded. Instead landing pages within projects will be available when adding new pages to a project
  • Making images translatable/text-specific will become easier
  • Text tags in HTML will not include language child-nodes. Translations will be handled solely from the dedicated text page to avoid confusion.
  • Saving landing pages will be done via Ajax, speeding up save-time and avoiding losing track of the text cursor’s position
  • Presentation of uploaded assets will be improved
  • Drag-n-drop upload of assets straight from the desktop
  • Resolving bug where only the visible part of the HTML code is searchable
  • Resolving bug where, in some browsers, HTML code-lines disappears until selected
  • Save button will always be accessible regardless of scrolling-position thanks to floating

All existing landing pages and templates will be automatically migrated to the new format. Technical details on the exact changes will be provided on beforehand to ensure a smooth transition.

We are aiming at rolling out these adjustments in July.

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