How to publish display ads on custom CMS like WordPress

August 4, 2014 Sebastian Scheuer

wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbWe got feedback from customers that they wanted to publish their display ads from BannerFlow using their CMS like WordPress. This tutorial will guide you through the steps. There are two basic ways to do that. Either you use our embed code that must be inserted via an extension for your CMS or you export your display ad from BannerFlow using the method “iFrame”.

Publishing display ads from BannerFlow requires you to activate Javascript in your Content Management System. Usually your webmaster or tech team have the rights to do that. All you want is placing the embed codes provided by BannerFlow onto the spot where you want to have your banners. You will once have to install a plugin that allows you to do that or to activate this feature in your CMS. In case you don’t have admin rights, please ask your tech team to do that for you.


Step by Step Guide Using Embed Codes

1. Activate Javascript for Content or Sidebars Widgets

Check on Google for “YOUR CMS name + Javascript + Plugin” or “custom code plugin” if their is a plugin or extension for your CMS that enables you to place Javascript in your content. For WordPress it is very easy. Install a plugin like “HTML Javascript Adder”. HTML Javascript Adder allows to insert HTML, javascripts, shortcodes, advertisements, flash embed codes, plain text etc in the sidebar via UNLIMITED widgets with advanced targeting on posts and pages.

Free WordPress Plugins:

Free Joomla Plugins for custom codes:

2. Install the Widget / Extension

Every CMS has different ways of installing the extention. If you want your display ad in your sidebar in WordPress you can just add a new Widget to it and paste in the custom code.

This is how it works in WordPress using the Plugin “HTML Javascript Adder”

  1. Extract the zipped file and upload the folder html-javascript-adder to to /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to the Widgets settings page.
  4. Drag the “HTML Javascript Adder” from the “Available widgets” to your sidebar.
  5. That’s all.


3. Paste in the BannerFlow embed codes

If you got your extension installed you will need to paste in the embed code for your display ad.


  1. Just add a widget.
  2. Enter the title and required content.
  3. Check the boxes present below to show/hide the widget in specific pages.
  4. Click save.
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