Custom file-names to landing pages

February 4, 2014 daniel.jacobsson

At last, you can now define your own, custom file-names for your published landing pages. Enable this by opening a page in the new landing page editor and clicking “Page > Preferences” in the top menu. Click the “Custom” button next to “File name pattern” and type in your desired file-name format, e.g. “My_landing_page” or for multilingual support; “My_landing_page_%language_code%“. The %language_code% macro will be automatically replaced with the language code for each Text within the given project.

If the project contains Texts in English and French and the landing page is published, you will get two HTML files uploaded to your host server; My_landing_page_en.html and My_landing_page_fr.html

/ Team BannerFlow

Here is a preview of the latest version:

Landing Page Builder

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