BannerFlow Gets Bigger and Better with New Office

October 16, 2014 Emma Cullen

Yesterday, BannerFlow moved to new larger offices to cater for its ever-growing team and business!

There was a real excitement in the air early yesterday morning as the BannerFlow team waited to enter their new, bigger offices. Preparations for this move had been ongoing for the past few months, however, the look of the office had been kept secret, until yesterday. The team were over the moon to see the end result and their new workplace!

Everything in the large open-plan office is brand-new, except the address, as BannerFlow remains at Sankt Eriksgatan 46C in central Stockholm.


The open-plan office is built to fit the team-focused working ethics of the BannerFlow team, and is accompanied by a number of comfortable conference rooms and guest areas. Historically the office was home to a bicycle factory, which is fitting for its Stockholm location (an active cycling city), and the office’s high ceilings and big windows allow for a light and airy workspace.

A state of the art kitchen has also been installed meaning that the team can prepare their lunch in style or come up with their next great idea over coffee at our new breakfast bar. Needless to say, there’s also more room for our ping-pong and fussball tables so the team can wind-down after a hard day’s work!

This move to new offices will allow for BannerFlow to continue to expand and grow, and reflects BannerFlow’s exciting future- so stay tuned!


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