Automated Ad Translation with Google Translate in BannerFlow

February 24, 2015 Emma Cullen

Get local and automatically translate all your advertising campaigns for your sales regions in seconds. BannerFlow is excited to announce automatic HTML5 ad translation with our new Google Translate integration.

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There’s now no need to hire slow and expensive translation teams when building HTML5 banner campaigns. BannerFlow lets you translate your display ads at the click of a button.

Main benefits of the Google Translate feature in BannerFlow:

  • Automatically translate display ads in seconds.
  • Cut ad production costs and time to market even further by removing the translation bottleneck from your workflow.
  • Maintain control over display advertising campaigns by keeping all production stages in-house.
  • Connect with your audience in their native language and convert them into customers.
  • Save time and impress your clients using pre-translated ads

How it Works

1. Simply select the language you want to translate your banners into.

2. Click the Google Translate icon on the text element you want to translate. See your banners translated in an instant!


All banners in all sizes translated in seconds!

My_new_bannerset_-_BannerFlow 3

3. Add the target URL for that translation and save your banners as you normally would.

4. That’s it! Your campaign is ready to be launched.

The Google Translate feature is now available on all memberships on the small to medium advertisers platform, and the brand new agency platform.

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